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Dyslexia is the difficulty to read correctly. Children with this condition struggle to read fluently, spell words correctly and learn a second language, with other small problems. Because reading is the first step in the educational process, the school can be tough for them. However, sports can be what they need to face these difficulties and have incredible school years.

Having dyslexia will never affect the children’s performance in sports. Contrary to what people think, sports can increase their self-esteem and make them have a normal routine, that way their struggles with reading won’t be that hard, and they can improve their learning process.

Sports can give them an identity

These children can be pointed as “the dumb kid” because they can’t learn and read normally. The learning process will be slower than in regular children, and they will suffer from bullying and criticism, but sports can give them a new image. If they are good on the soccer field or in the swimming pool, they will leave behind the dyslexic image and achieve a better social life.

Also, sports contributes to show their teammates what are their struggles. They can explain to their friends how difficult is for them to read a simple line, and when the kids know what exactly is this condition, they will treat them better. That way the bonds between teammates will be stronger than ever.

Balancing sports and academic progress

When dyslexic children play a sport, they can find a balance between being successful in something and struggle with other; that way they will understand that we are not good in everything. Having dyslexia means that your children aren’t good at reading, but they are the star of their school teams, and they can be happy with the achievements of their classmates, without feeling down for their slowly reading progress.

Parents’ support

As parents, you should be there for your kids. When we are talking about choosing a sport, let them be the guides: they should choose what is the best for them, your only role will be supporting and giving them advice when they are doubting of what to do.

When the children start playing, the family schedules should be around the sports activities, because they will want that everything will be about the games, the practices, their teammates, and even their trainers. Let them talk about all the activities, and plan home improvements to adequate their new activity. Their studying time should change to give them space for practicing and playing, but talk with teachers and tutors to plan lessons around their sports to motivate them to study more.

Planification and focus

Playing a sport can help dyslexic children to organize their learning process and to focus more and their lessons They will face each lesson like a game or practice, having the right tools. Make the attack plan and obtain a victory on today’s lesson. Also, sports will give them differents points of view about how to fully understand a lesson, they can ask teammates their opinion on the last history class, or how they can resolve the math problem.

When they practice these kinds of activities, they tend to notice how good teachers and principals treat them, they can be more understanding of their struggles and bring them more solutions to their lesson’s problem. That way trust and respect are starting building between the social interaction of your children.

Having dyslexia never should be an impediment to enjoy a good time, and while the children practice their preferred sport, you will notice how their self-esteem start to rise to the highest levels. That way they will focus more and try to be overcome their limitation with their learning process. Here at Autism Soccer, we are compromised to increase children skills on and out of the field, so come and check the best program for your children.

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Sports can increase children’s self-confidence and help them at school.

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