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Team sports can help your children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), especially with their social interaction among their teammates. It will be teamwork with the coach, parents, and kids themselves, but the results will be wonderful when they can integrate with the rest of the team.

A coach will be the backbone of a kid with ADHD that want to practice a team sport, keep in mind that the coach will also need your help as a parent, so be the best supporter who is always going to be there for them. You need to understand that maybe a sport could be overwhelming but with your love and the coach’s guidance, it could be an experience to remember or their future professional career.

Coach and parents: follow the next points!

Remember that coaches can make an impact on a child life, they can change how the child sees itself, so make them your best ally in this new step on your child life. They can help children with ADHD to learn that they have a value as a member of the team, and inclusive can define their future career, with your help and guidance, of course. So, let your kid try a team sport and see the differences at the beginning and after a time practicing it. Come to Autism Soccer and get the right opportunities for your children, learn more about team sports and make them happy.

Team sports improve kids' lives.
Improve the life of kids with ADHD using team sports.

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