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Living with ASD is a hard challenge; as parents, you should teach your kids all the hard moments will have a reward and that they have to be strong. But they are still kids, and because of that, they have all the rights to have fun, and enjoy the differents activities and hobbies as regular kids do.

You just have to change a couple of things and make certain rules for them. But if you are feeling lost and don’t know where or how to start making your ASD child feel comfortable with sports and recreation, keep reading and find out our tips.

Sports and recreation!

Let the child take the lead

Every parent will be worried to death when their child is starting a new activity, and you as a parent of an ASD child will be ten times more. But you know your kid, so take in consideration abilities, interest, and strengths of your child, before making a decision include your kid in the process, talking with the child will help you a lot, and the kid will be more assured, and self-confident reducing the anxiety for trying a new thing.

Look for realistic expectations

When you are set in a definite sport or recreation program, you took into consideration what benefits can bring to your child; however, make them realistic. Discuss with your partner, family members and the child your expectation, and see if they are correct. Because you want to build your child’s social skills, or increase self-esteem, make your child success having realistic expectations!

Communication is a must

Team sports can teach your kids social interaction, but for that, you need to be in constant communication with their trainers, make with them a plan around the kid’s abilities and strengths, the trainer will need to know what the child can and cannot do, so please be a friend of the trainers.

Try it out first

Because your child would get anxious about a new program, routine and people, let them know what they can expect of this new activity. Also, you can ask the trainers to give them a couple of lessons before they fully appeared at the practices with the other teammates, that way your kid will know if they feel ready to try it out or not.

Ask other parents

Parents that have already tried that program or recreational activity will indicate what is the best for your child: never be afraid of asking and chat with them. Afterall you are facing and raising a kid within the same spectrum, they better than others will fully understand you.

How many kids will be there?

Group numbers will be important, that way you will notice if your kid will get the necessary attention, without putting other children in the background. Unless the program lets you and other parents participate, or if they have several assistants with the principal trainer. All the kids deserved the same attention, but an ASD kid need to have a one to one relationship with their trainers.

Safety, always first

If the sport or recreational activity requires equipment or any kind of gears, find out what are the bests for an ASD kid. Check the installation for sanitary, and inform the trainer about any medical condition present.


Be flexible with your child; he can’t do everything that regulars kids do, so please don’t get frustrated because they will feel it. Also, practice or playing many things at the same time will split their concentration, and that could be overwhelming and cause frustration. Again, sit down with the trainer or instructor and make a plan of smaller tasks with them, remember to put resting time for them, that way they will never feel tired or exhausted.

Go farther

Play the extra mile by practicing the sport or activity at home, plan with the trainer activities to make them more closely and dedicated to it. You will notice the changes and effort that your children are making, helping them at home also will provide a base before moving them to a team game or activity.

Be patient and happy!

Have kids with ASD is all about patient, and in cases of sports and recreational activities, it must be the first thing to have. You maybe notice the small progress they are making, but encourage them with a huge smile and compliments, never kill the passion that slowly, they are showing to the new program. Reward them for their efforts, and you will see happiness and how they give you love back.

Yes, ASD could be difficult; but as parents, everything that your kid do will feel like a huge reward, they will make you proud. The ASD is just another feature in your child. Put them to try new things, and follow these tips to make them an achievement in your family. Autism Soccer will show this and more activities for your kid to practice, so don’t miss out the chance to change your child life.

having a good time with ASD
Your kids deserved to be happy, even with a disorder within the spectrum.

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