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Teach Your Child to Play

The game is one of the forms that the human being has of self-expression and self-exploration. Fundamental in the structuring of children’s thinking, the construction of language, and the objective representation of reality.

The game contributes to the development by providing the child with a sense of mastery over their own body and the environment.

Autism and games

Games can stimulate different skills, such as:

  • Social: the child learns to relate to others. Also through the game the child gets knowledge of cultural norms.
  • Motor, sensory and perception: the sensory and motor activity teaches the child the capabilities and limitations of his own body and the world around him. Besides, the activities produce a release of excessive energy, restoring the corporal equilibrium freeing the child to initiate new tasks.
  • Emotional: the game gives the child the power to express their feelings without fear of punishment and helps them learn to control their frustrations and impulses. This control provides self-confidence and potential adaptation to future needs. The game is fun, opens a world of joy, humor, and creativity.
  • Cognitive: the child learns to manipulate events and objects in the internal and external environment.

Children with ASD have few interests, tendencies to repeat tasks, and present numerous self-stimulations.

To your child with ASD:

  • Make you enjoy more experiences.
  • Find new activities.
  • Teach him to identify the cause of things.
  • Organizes short cycle activities giving them a functional use.

By carrying out guided activities your child will be able to:

  • Improve the attention.
  • Learn how to use objects and toys.
  • Your behavior will improve.
  • It will increase your self-esteem through success in group activities.


Motivate your child and teach him to play, this will bring many benefits for him.

At Autism Soccer, we have educational learning programs for your child with soccer sessions for more personal development.

The game contributes to the development by providing the child with a sense of mastery over his own body and the environment.

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